Monday, March 31, 2014

Re-schedule sleep cycle | Ubah kitaran waktu tidur

Assalamualaikum.. Hye..

Since past few days, I'm having difficulty to sleep at night. No! Not insomnia, because my sleep cycle was kinda normal.

I always went to bed at 12 with hope I could sleep early today, and wake up early tomorrow. But yeah there I am, looking at the ceiling and around the room.. I want to sleep and I've been trying for.. a week??? Gosh! I tried you know. I turned off the lights, comfort myself with comfortable duvet, drink warm milk, closed my eyes. Oh but one thing that is a bit difficult to do.. Not thinking.. It's just..... difficult.

Or perhaps.... that's the main reason to my problem?? Sigh -.-'

I keep telling myself every night, "Farah! Sleep!!!"

But I guess, I'm too stubborn even to myself.. huh.. My eyes just won't shut, my body won't rest, my mind won't stop thinking.. Then, I end up with texting my friends, play games, and... More thinking.. Lol.. Last night, even the ancient Minesweeper attracts my attention. Haha

But amazingly, I slept like a baby (perasan) when the sun starts to rise.. Amazing isn't it? But the ugly fact is, I'll wake up at noon.. Urghh.. I know, I know it's the normal me to wake up a lil' bit late (haha) in the morning, but I often sleep early though. And hello! People change ok.. That's why I'm trying to change my sleep cycle here, and reschedule it. I want to be a morning person again (?).

Help me, could you? I mean with suggestions how to sleep early at night, if you have one (or more). Thank you in advance.

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