Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Envy. Cemburu.

It happens when we think someone is 'better' than us.
And it happens to me. Often.

For example...

She is married to a handsome husband.
He got a Mini Cooper as birthday present.
He could quit job and go travel.
She went to a boarding school.
She is married at 23. 
He is doing PhD at the age of 24.
She comes from a rich family.
She has abundant of shoes collection.
She could afford a Prada.
(and the list goes on)

But, hold on!

Where and what my life is lacking actually?

I have great parents.
I have a complete family.
I have beautiful, handsome and intelligent niece and nephew.
I have shoes to walk in.
I have enough money to buy covered cloth.
I eat plenty of delicious food everyday.

and most importantly, 
I have ALLAH with me.

Enough. (before people think I start bragging about myself)

The conclusions are...
Never underestimate your own life.
Don't look at the rich, but look at the poor. 
Then you will realize you have enough, 
and sometimes more than what you need.

So, say Alhamdulillah, and smile. 

Note: Materialistic. I know. :p


  1. salam,..bersukur dengan apa yang kita dah ada kan hihi
    isi tabung digi :)

    1. Salam.. Betul tu. Kita selalu fikirkan apa yang kita tak ada tp org lain ada. sampai lupa kadang2 kita ada apa yg orang lain tak ada. Bersyukur.. :)

      anyway, t.kasih.. :)

  2. Your entry made me realise to be grateful. Thank you :)


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