Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Study abroad

Assalamualaikum.. Hye..

I think I'm getting lazier to blog. Hah! Not really. I keep thinking about my blog actually, but my priority has now changed. That is why. Anyway, I felt guilty towards my blog for not updating for such a long time. T.T

By the way, those who read my blog, would know my inner conflict before either to further my study or to accept job offer. Well.. After a long thought, I decided to choose the risky path which is to further my study abroad. After all, this is my dream since I was a kid. I shouldn't and couldn't let go of my dream. 

However, to be frank, I always doubt my choice anyway. Like going back and forth. Haha. Sometimes it just crosses my mind to just accept job offer, and leave my dream behind. But seriously, that make me looks like a coward person. Which I am not!

So! After a long thought.. Again.. I've decided to stay on my chosen path and will not turn back. Never again. InsyaAllah. About job opportunity, I leave it to Allah the Greatest. 

Well.. I used to stay outside Kelantan for 5 years. But not once live outside Malaysia for a long period except for short vacation with family. I am a lil bit worry of what will happen. But my pray is that Allah will ease my path dan teguhkan imanku. You know, living in a foreign country could give us culture shock. But hopefully I won't be affected.. Amin.. 

psst.. 10 days more....... dup dap dup dap.. 

Nota kaki: If you have anything to ask regarding study abroad, don't hesitate to contact me through my email I'm not an expert, but InsyaAllah I'll try my best to reply base on my experience.. :D 

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