Monday, September 17, 2012

Hari-hari terakhir sebagai guru

Assalamualaikum.. Hye.. 

Dah lama sangat I peram cerita yang satu nih.. Apa nak buat.. Asyik peram badan je seminggu nih.. Haish..

Mungkin ada yang dah tahu.. Mungkin ada yang belum tahu.. Jadi, nak mudah kan cerita, I beritahu je laa.. Setiap yang bermula, pasti laa ada ending kan.. Sejak 25 Jun dulu, maka pada 7 September genap lah sudah 10 minggu I bergelar guru pelatih di SMK Assunta.. 

Yerp2.. A school that I was once quite nervous to go to.. But after 10 weeks together with the teachers and students there, I think nothing to nervous about.. I was able to slowly adapt to teacher's life.. There were happy moments with the colleagues and students, but not to forget the bitter one.. Hey! Lets just forget the bitter memories kayh.. But still, keep it as useful experience for future, right? :)

Know what, I was a bit regret actually.. I planned to give them something like present, but I didn't do it because of some reasons.. I wanted my last day with them to be sweet memories for all of us..  But, even though I didn't gave something to them, I still hope those 10 weeks weren't a waste for all of us.. 

Frankly, I didn't expect anything from them.. I mean anything like present or whatever.. Because I think I didn't really deserve it.. :|


Yeah.. I didn't expect anything.. But, hey! Who doesn't like present huh?? Hehe.. I know my students won't read my blog (I hope so.. :p), but I still wanna thank them for the present.. Thank you so much my beloved students from 4 Science 2..  I was soooooo touched.. Seriously! Especially when I read the note.. :') I love you too girls.. And good luck through out your journey too.. May success and bless be with all of you.. 

The last classes with my students? I taught them like I usually did.. 10 minutes before class ends, I told them that, today is my last day with them and I gave a very short speech and advice.. Seriously I tak tahu macam mana nak beri ucapan dan nasihat.. Seriously!

Actually, I felt ermm sebak a bit (haha), but I just acted cool lah.. Hehe.. At the end, some of the girls from 4 Sc 5 came to me and salam.. Most of the girls from 4 Sc 2 hugged me.. Few of them asked me to sign and write kata-kata ucapan.. Haha.. Rasa macam retiss 5 saat.. :p

Oh! Not to forget.. 

This is a picture taken 2 days before I left.. I had a table full with Mathematics and Chemistry exercise books to check.. And that's actually many! Penat uolls..


  1. yes.. it is.. :) walaupun masa tuh rasa stress ke apa, tp bila kita dah tinggalkan, it becomes one of sweet memories.. 

  2. tak penah terpikir dulu nak jd guru walaupun arwahdulu  abah badalah seorang guru. satu pengalaman menarik semestinya.....

  3. guru nih wasn't my first choice jgak walaupun ma abah guru.. tp bila dah masuk dalam bidang nih, i slowly fall in love.. :)

  4. wat was d first choice then?  mine wasn't either....firstly nak jadi professional cameraman utk tv stations, national geographic ke etc.

  5. wahh.. habis sekarang keje apa? 

    first choice dulu engineering.. huhu

  6. professionall...a qualified chartered accountant tp da x practice 4 yrs. client for infrastructure projects in finance & operations. future..wallahuaklam.
    masih doin photography...using my dslr tp 4 personal keep je


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