Sunday, July 8, 2012

Teacher has secret

Assalamualaikum.. Hye.. 

My life as a teacher hasn't getting better yet.. Last Wednesday, I have a lab class with my students.. They have to carry out experiment on Period 3 elements.. Since there is no procedure in their practical book, so I asked them to write the procedure from reference book before class.. Even though they are using different reference books, but the content should be almost the same, right? Because the author should follow the guideline set by government.. 

Besides that, I've prepared everything myself too.. I made a power point slide to show the procedures.. I even made it animated, show it one by one, so that they can understand the flow.. But! I shouldn't put high expectation I guess.. Because they are students.. They like to play.. Maybe I was like that too, years ago.. Even I said clearly earlier, you don't have to heat anything in Part 1, but some of them still heat it! OMG!! They don't listen to anything I said earlier.. I'm frustrated.. :'(

Perhaps, my planning wasn't good enough.. I know I can't blame them, because it's my responsibility to control them.. Plus, this is my first time carrying out experiment with students like this.. It is not the same as microteaching.. This is totally different! This is the real situation, the reality.. I'm still learning to be a good teacher.. I told their teacher, and she said, "It's ok.. You'll slowly learn".. Hurmm.. InsyaAllah..

Whatever it is, I really hope they will behave well, will respond well when my lecturer comes to observe me.. 

It's ok.. I'm sad, but I'll take this as one valuable experience in my life as a teacher.. Fighting Teacher!!! :)


  1. u will learn it bit by bit dear...i know u can through all of this...u are indeed capable teacher...GTS.....(Great Teacher Syarafina)...heheehe...dun give up...ur guardian angel always by ur side.... xoxoxoxo

  2. biasalah...budak2...

  3. haha :p 
    insyaAllah..thank u so much my guardian angel.. ^.^

  4. a'a.. mungkin kna fikir cara lain untuk tarik perhatian diorg.. 


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