Thursday, July 5, 2012

My experience as a trainee teacher..

Assalamualaikum.. Hye..

It has been a week since my last post.. That means, now is already my second week as a trainee teacher.. My first day was ok.. We met Penolong Kanan and Ketua Bidang Sains dan Matematik.. As expected, I was given 2 subjects to teach.. Actually there are 3, but I always abandon the third subject.. Haha.. The 2 subjects are Mathematics and Chemistry (-.-').. Both are form 4 classes.. 

I was hoping they'll give me Science instead of Chemistry.. But, I made mistake when filling the form for latihan mengajar.. I misunderstood the 'kaedah kedua' as my minor.. Actually, it's suppose to be the subject that I took for my kaedah pengajaran which is Science.. Because of that, I mistakenly filled in Chemistry as my 'kaedah kedua' instead of 'Science'.. (-.-') So, either I'm willing or not, I have to teach Chemistry.. Uwaaa~

But, insyaAllah I'm not going to give up.. Even though every time I come to the class, I feel frustrated because I wasn't able to conduct the class well.. What more, the class is the last class from all science stream classes.. But, I hope Allah will give me strength to face it.. I really hope I can adapt quickly, because my lecturer said he'll come on 4th week.. Urghh! That means another 2 weeks from now.. :'(

For Math class, I think I'm doing well.. Err.. Maybe not that well, because last Tuesday was my 1st class, so I'm still adapting.. But I think I can adapt well.. Plus, they are 8A's students.. There shouldn't be many problems rite? I hope so.. Please laa behave well my students.. Teacher needs to get A.. :(

Hurmm.. By the way, lets just forget about it for now.. Wanna know what I like most about the school? It's their wifi! Yeayy.. Lajuuu and got coverage everywhere.. Hik3.. 

Oh! This is my work space.. Inside a computer room.. Together with the other trainee teachers.. If I'm not mistaken, there are about 10 trainee teachers currently doing LM at Assunta.. Quite many eh? 

Well.. That's it for now.. I have to prepare for tomorrow.. I have math class in the afternoon and have to submit my record book to the office early in the morning.. Woh!

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