Thursday, June 28, 2012

What encouraged me to speak English?

Assalamualaikum.. Hye..

Have you read my last post? Nothing much.. But if you notice, my last post was in English.. Not something that I do often, really.. In fact, that was my first time writing blog post for this blog in English.. Wohooo! There is reason for that of course..

Since last Monday, I already started my Latihan Mengajar (LM) at SMK Assunta.. Just nearby UM.. So, I don't have to worry about finding house like my other friends.. Alhamdulillah.. Allah makes it easy for me.. 

My first expression when I was told that I am going to do my LM at Assunta, I was like, "Oh my Englishh!!".. Then, I googled this school.. I found out that their song is in English, their students are mostly Chinese and Indian.. There are Malay students, of course.. And Assunta is a girl school.. But still, I was a bit worried.. I've never been to girl school, I never know how the students from girl school behave and so on.. 

But when I started teaching (Well.. Not really teaching laa.. Because this is only my first week), I found out that most of these girls are fine actually.. 

One thing that I like about this school is their English.. I mean, I rarely get the chance to speak English, I will look 'poyo' if I speak English with someone, and I kinda embarrassed for my broken English.. So, when I live in this surrounding, indirectly it encourages me to use English.. Even though I know my English is not that good pun.. But I wanna try.. 

So, my second step is by writing my blog post in English.. I'm trying to improve my English.. After all, I have to teach my students in English, and I have to be good at it no matter what!

I hope I can be a good teacher and naik pangkat cepat cepat bila dah posting and earn many money.. Muahaha.. OK I know.. That's quite over for now.. Hehe..

Foot note: Help me please.. Correct my English if there's any mistake.. :)


  1. Cayyo Ms Farah...You can do it..^_^

  2. gudluck cikgu heehehe

    do visit n follow mine ok 

  3. t.kasih merah_anggun.. :)

  4. practice makes perfect rite..keep it up ye sis..

  5. yeah true.. tq so much.. :)


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