Saturday, June 23, 2012

The happiness that I can't hide.. :))

 Assalamualaikum.. Hye..

I dalam mood separa happy sekarang.. Wanna know why?? Wanna know why???? Answer YES right now.. I mean right now! Ehh.. Minah nih paksa paksa orang pulak kan.. 

Fine! I'll still write it anyway.. :)) Why am i writing in English suddenly? Will tell you in another story..

Actually, ehem ehem...... *Drumroll*

I have finished my 4-year course last Wednesday!! *Firework* Hurray hurray.. Well.. Not really finish lah, and not officially too since the results haven't come out yet.. But, insyaAllah I will pass it all with flying colours.. Hopefully.. Amin.. :)

This picture was taken last Wednesday.. Although the faces don't seem to be full of happiness, but seriously we can't describe it in words.. Or even laughters.. Haha Hihi Huhu Kih kih kih.. U mention it, we tried it all.. It's our last exam weyh! Our last exam after 4 years of pains and struggles! And joy too, of course.. :D

So, what we did to celebrate it? Err.. Not much actually..

We just went to Mid Valley, the most common lepaking place for UM students.. And had our lunch at Oasis, the non-expensive food court.. :)

This is not the right time to waste the money by the way.. Since, the coming weeks will require so much money.. :'(

It's ok.. We still had fun.. Even in moderately.. ^_^

Seriously.. With the mickey mouse..

 And donald duck.. Oh! Not to forget..

We had fun together with Agent K, Agent J, and the aliens too.. Well.. Of course not in real life, but if you wonder, they are our friends from Men In Black 3.. Kih3.. Extra fun! :D

How about you guys?? How's your exam?? How's your day?? Tell me.. Tell me.. :)

Foot note: Do you know, ladies?? That we can watch movies with student price every Wednesday?? Ohsemm! :D Not sure its for ladies only, or for everyone.. But someone told me its for ladies.. And not sure if it valid for GSC Mid Valley only, or for all GSC.. 


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