Thursday, June 16, 2011

Lunar Eclipse Google Doodle

Assalamualaikum.. Hye.. 

Source: Google

The phenomenon that occurred this early in the morning was so beautiful.. The Lunar Eclipse simulation by Google is just a series of motion pictures during the lunar eclipse occurred.. At least those who do not have the opportunity to see the full eclipse this morning can see it here.. 

Since not everyone has the opportunity to see it because the sky was cloudy at some places.. I'm very glad I can see it this morning.. :) Know what, I stay awake for 3 hours this morning just to see this beautiful phenomenon which rarely occur.. 


  1. Memang cantik Doodle Google utk arini :)

  2. kan? google so creative.. ada je yg boleh buat main.. aitu gitar.. hehe 

  3. Yup,tw xpa..depa mmg kreatif betul. Yg gerhana ni menarik betul! :)

  4. aah.. mmg menarik.. :)


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