Saturday, August 28, 2010

friendster and facebook..

up till last 21st August, i have, account account account account account account account

however, today, u can't even find me on most of those sites above, because i already deleted most of them..

the only sites left are facebook and friendster.. eventhough i login to friendster once a month, (if and only if i realize that i still have the account..hehe), but i think i have too many memories with friendster.. friendster can be said as my first social networking site i signed up before any other accounts.. kinda special huhh??

but since everybody moved to facebook now, so now i stick to facebook lahh.. maybe until someone build a new site and become famous.. who knows?? hehe~

the reason is because i think i exposed myself too much to outsiders..

(don't you think this blog may expose yourself to outsiders as well?? erkk.. ok2.. i'm stuck here..lalalala)

but..but.. i think the main reason is because, i'm sick when these sites sent me bunch of email of someone wants to be friend, someone smiled at you, someone's birthday is coming up, blablabla... but after you accept them to be your friend, they don't even say hi to you..

conclusion, say hi to your friend once in a while if you truly are a friend..

nota kaki: i don't mind to be friend to thousands of people.. friends are meaningful to me after all..

nota kaki lg: i'm not someone who know how to put my words to be one nice sentence..

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